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What Are the Benefits of Custom Sublimated Uniforms

What Are the Benefits of Custom Sublimated Uniforms

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What Are the Benefits of Custom Sublimated Uniforms

Screen-printed jerseys were once the standard, but that is no longer the case. So, what makes custom sublimated uniforms so unique? If you've ever dealt with cracked, faded, or peeling jerseys, sublimation is the way to go. This method produces high-quality prints that are both high-quality and long-lasting. Not to mention a significant rise in your sports team's confidence.

What is Sublimation and How Does it Work?

Sublimation is a high-definition design process that uses heat and pressure. The print is permanently attached to the fabric, producing far superior results than screen printing. We begin by printing your design on sublimation dye paper that is the same size as the uniform. The dye is then pressed directly into the fabric fibres using a high-heat roller technique. This results in vibrant colours and intricate designs. The design will not crack, peel, or fade since it is embedded in the fabric rather than sitting on top of it. For you and your team, this is a significant advantage of sublimation versus screen printing.

The Advantages of Sublimated Custom Uniforms:


High-definition patterns can be printed on your sports clothes using the sublimation method. There are no restrictions on what you can do. Create your own personalised uniforms right now.


After only a few games, no one enjoys the feeling of a worn-out jersey that is peeling and discoloured. Sports jerseys that are sublimated last a long time. Your squad will look just as good at the conclusion of the season as they did at the beginning.

Build the Confidence of Your Team:

Uniforms instil confidence in your players and offer them a sense of belonging. Ascertain that your squad wears uniforms that they can be proud of.

Saving Money:

How much does your club spend each year on new uniforms that can't withstand the rigours of the game? From the outset, choose high-quality, custom sublimated uniforms. This eliminates the cost and inconvenience of ordering new uniforms in the middle of the season. Not to mention that your outfits will be more appealing.

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