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Face Mask Manufacturers in Horsham

Face masks hold a vital place in today’s scenario. In the need to overcome the disastrous effect of Covid-19, people are ready to take up all the safety measures and precautions that are easily available in their way. We provide the best quality of face masks in Horsham that are reusable and washable. Face Masks have gained great importance now in the battle against COVID-19. Our mission is well aimed, i.e., to give the world a mask that is trendy and provides protection from airborne particles and harmful pollutants. Our face masks are used for the purpose of providing high protection from airborne particles such as dust, dirt, harmful air and post combustion particles, germs, PM 0.3, PM 2.5, pollutants, factory emissions, odors, bacterias, particles in bushfire smoke, volcanic eruptions, deadly bacterias and viruses, and other airborne contaminants. These unique features of the face mask have made us the leading face mask manufacturers in Horsham.

Thrive in style

The Disposable Face Mask is designed to provide a protective covering to the face in such a way that it doesn’t allow germs or contaminated droplets to enter the human body while breathing. We are counted as one of the notable Face Mask Suppliers and Exporters, making them easily available in Horsham. Our Face Masks are highly tested and lab approved and highly demanded as a protection from coronavirus being a superior product for now and the future. Our mask fabric has passed the Japan Kaken JSTIIF test. This fabric has 90% antibacterial rate.

Our vision is highly specific and unmatchable - to make modern and comfortable masks. These high efficiency and best manufactured reusable and washable consumer masks are easily available in the Horsham. 

Key Features of our face masks

  • Filtration from bacteria and virus
  • Breathing Resistance
  • Air permeability with support of metal nose clip
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Well Sterilised by E. O Gas
  • Properly welded
  • Available in variety like Tie-on or Elasticated ear grip

 Other attributes of our face masks -

  • Our masks have excellent wicking and barrier properties due to the fine fibres
  • They also act as barriers to fluids, aerosol material and other harmful air particles.
  • Our masks ensure better coverage, providing improved protection 

Care for everyone and Care for all

We ensure to provide the best and most suited mask in Horsham that makes it easy for you to move out of your places. We provide comfortable face masks with three protection layers.

  • The outermost layer is PTFE material, this fabric is used for military purposes too. It is extremely strong and fire resistant material. The fabric of our mask has cleared the Japan Kaken JSTIIF test. This fabric has roughly 90% antibacterial rate. 
  • The Inner layer of the face mask is made from the specifically designed CU material. Being a breathable quality fabric, this fibre is also naturally anti-bacterial and odour reducing in nature. 
  • Third and final layer is made up of Copper Fibre, which has more than 90% antibacterial rate. The mask is made across borders with highest practising and safety standards. 

These vital specifications of the face mask have made us the well known Reusable Face Mask suppliers in Horsham. 

You can buy these safety face masks online.

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