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When Creating Custom Shirts There are 5 Keys to Know

When Creating Custom Shirts There are 5 Keys to Know

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When Creating Custom Shirts There are 5 Keys to Know

Do you want to design your own bespoke t-shirts? Custom apparel is a great way to advertise your company, bring a team together, or show off your ingenuity. There are a few things to consider while designing your own bespoke shirt. We can assist you with your design for fashion, a special occasion, a sports team, or a promotional product. To ensure you get the best quality and the most bang for your buck, follow these five guidelines.

Evaluate Your Work:

Make sure your shirt is ready for printing before adding a logo, a phrase, or unique art. Make sure your artwork is suitably scaled, as an image that is too small when printed may appear pixelated. Also keep in mind that an image or text with crisp lines is easier to colour.

Make certain that the design you select is one that you truly adore. Consider how your design will appear on a shirt before printing. Double-check your design whether you're manufacturing a few personalised shirts or a few hundred. Reviewing your artwork is an important step in ensuring that you get the best custom shirts. If you are searching for a custom sports uniform and Tracksuit Manufacturer then go with Belboa Sports which is famous for one of the best Wholesale School Uniform Suppliers in Australia.


Choose your colours carefully when designing your shirt. The choice of colours is a crucial aspect of the design process. Not only will you choose colours for your artwork, but you'll also choose the colour of your shirt. The first step is to pick a colour for your T-shirt. Consider going with a lighter colour if you live somewhere that is hot all year. Lighter shades reflect sunlight, allowing the wearer to stay cool. A darker colour may be preferable if you reside in a cooler area.


The layout of your personalised shirt has an impact on its style. Place your artwork in a prominent location if you want it to take centre stage. Large parts of the shirt, such as the front and back, are high-visibility zones. If you want your artwork to be more modest, place it in a less visible area, such as the upper corner of your chest.

If your artwork is just decorative, consider placing it in a less obvious location for a more subtle effect. However, for branding purposes, you should display your logo in a prominent location. Printing on both the back and front of your personalised Custom Shirts is also an option.


In addition to placement, artwork size is a key aesthetic and branding consideration when designing your bespoke shirt. Larger artwork is easier to see from a distance, making it a more daring design choice. A more modest accent is a smaller logo or piece of artwork.

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